PLA has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for children. At our first school, 100% of children have passed the IREAD, Indiana’s third grade reading exam, for two consecutive years. Additionally, on the state standardized test (ISTEP), scholars have outperformed their local peers by 15% every year.

As a result of this strong performance, PLA was invited to take leadership of Indianapolis Public School #103 in August 2015. Since then, “PLA@103″ has achieved a remarkable transformation in its learning environment. The school is safe, fun, loving, and enriching, and this is seen every day in our scholars’ positive attitudes and hard work. We have also seen increased engagement and enrollment from families, which is helping to create a thriving, positive school culture.

Under PLA’s leadership, scholars increased their performance on the first take of IREAD by more than 32% over the previous year in 2015-16, representing one of the highest growth rates in the state. That same year, PLA@103′s ISTEP ELA score increased, and its state accountability letter grade increased for the first time in decades.

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Proven Model for Turning Around Failing Schools

PLA is now expanding a proven approach to turning around low-performing schools – called “RESTORE.” The model has achieved remarkable results:

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