• Giving Students and Partners Our Best...

    Phalen Leadership Academies is a transformative leader in education. We work with school systems, charter authorizers, students, parents and communities to help schools improve and students excel.

    In our turnaround efforts, the PLA education model has several unique elements that drive the strong growth of our scholars including:Child working on class assignment

    • rigorous curriculum
    • high quality professional development 
    • a coaching cycle that develops teachers
    • enrichment opportunities for scholars
    • and authentic partnerships with parents

    We bring unparalleled research, knowledge, and practical experience in collaborating with teachers, state, district and school leaders to achieve better outcomes for students. Additionally, while some educational management organizations only offer human resources and accounting PLA is a nonprofit that supports its partners in the following ways:

    • Educational program (i.e., research-based curriculum, pacing guides, and assessments);
    • Pre-service professional development and an on-going coaching cycle for teachers (e.g., PLA University);
    • Human resources;
    • Communications and Marketing
    • On-site quality assurance monitoring and support;
    • Behavior and classroom management systems;
    • Improved communications to parents and school stakeholders; and
    • A pro-active Parental engagement framework.


Q & A

  • What is a charter school?

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    Charter schools are tuition-free public schools. Enrollment is open to all students and is not based on residence. Charters are independently operated and run with more flexibility than traditional public schools in exchange for increased accountability.

    All charter schools are: tuition-free and a part of the public school system; held to state and federal education standards; open to all students including those with disabilities. 

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  • What is school turnaround?

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    School Turnaround is a comprehensive intervention designed to support and help improve schools that may be underperforming set standards. Phalen Leadership Academies has a reputation for transformng F-rated schools into A-rated schools. PLA works to achieve these results within 3 years of assuming management by supporting educators, districts, and states in improving academic offerings for students, revamping curriculum, encouraging students and improving overall school culture. 


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  • What are innovation schools?

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    An Innovation School (either a conversion of an existing school or a new school) is an in-district public school that can be established by a wide range of applicants, may utilize increased autonomy and flexibility in six areas (curriculum, budget, schedule and calendar, staffing, professional development, and district policies), and is authorized by the local school committee. 

    In exchange for increased ownership, discretion, and authority to establish and operate an Innovation School, PLA is held responsible for improving student learning and school performance in accordance with measurable annual goals.  Two goals of establishing these schools are to foster innovation across the state and increase students’ access to excellent educational opportunities – while retaining funding within public school districts.


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  • Why would I want to create an innovation school?

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    Innovation Schools represent a chance for local school committees – in cooperation with superintendents, teachers’ unions, parents, outside partners and others – to internally charter their own schools.  The new law gives traditional schools and educators the chance to develop the autonomy and flexibility to compete with charter schools and eliminate the need for school funding to leave the districts.  In addition, it empowers teachers and others to take a leadership role in the development and operation of public schools. 

    This initiative represents an opportunity for local educators to implement innovative practices within traditional public school settings and control their own curricula, staffing, schedules, budgets, and professional development.  In exchange for the much broader authority and discretion, our pioneering educators are held responsible, under the innovation plan agreed to by the local school committee, for advancing student learning and school performance.

    Innovation Schools allow for deeper engagement in core subjects, more enrichment activities, longer school days, schools with particular instructional themes or areas of focus, and freedom from certain district rules and/or contract provisions.  Innovation Schools provide teachers and others with an unprecedented opportunity to increase ownership of their schools and to take charge of both academic programming and operations.  Applicants can operate schools under the terms and conditions that will best meet the needs of their students, as they will have the authority and flexibility to adopt curricula, implement instructional and assessment practices that they think will ensure students learn.  As a result, Innovation Schools can dramatically increase opportunities for teacher leadership and deepen teacher professionalism.

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