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PLA@93 an A-rated school

POSTED 1:29 AM, DECEMBER 14, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -  The Indiana Department of Education released A through F accountability grades for schools across the state Tuesday. This year, the grades were calculated in a new way that focused on both students' proficiency on the ISTEP and student growth.

Indianapolis Public Schools now has 28 "F" schools and five "A" schools--including PLA@93.

According to IPS data, the district's average school growth scores is more than five points higher than the state average.

One school setting an example is George Fisher School 93 (now PLA@93). In just three years, the school climbed from an F to a D, and eventually an A in 2016. This school also had the highest growth score in the district.  Parents like Ashley Thomas played a key role in improving the school.


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