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PLA 103 Expanding Curriculum Through Arts for Learning Grant

This month 44 Phalen Leadership Academy 6th grade scholars will participate in a Tell It Write residency sponsored by Arts for Learning. During the 5-day learning program, scholars will write and create stories from their own life experiences and share them through spoken and written presentations. 

Scholars will learn from the well-known Indy artist and storyteller, Bob Sander. Sander has worked with students through Arts for Learning for more than 20 years. Through the arts, scholars will build on reading, writing, social and life skills while also discovering new ways of expression. 

“I think regular exposure to storytelling is a powerful way to open up and understand many other areas of curriculum,” Bob said. “It’s a tool to deepen students’ appreciation for other cultures, and it is a means to broaden students’ understanding of themselves.”

Congratulations PLA103. #PLAScholarsSoar