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Middlebury Prepares to Support Families with At Home Learning

On Monday, April 20th, Governor Dewine made the decision to extend the mandatory school closure to the end of the school year. We know this is a difficult time for many of our families, but this is a necessary measure to ensure everyone's safety.


The expectation during this school closure is that all scholars should be working on online lessons or through paper packets. If scholars are not, or do not complete these lessons, they are at putting themselves in jeopardy to receive zeros for all work assigned.


We will try our best to convert all of our scholars to online learning. For households with internet, but without a computer, we will issue one Chromebook per family.


Campus will be open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9 am to 2 pm for school work and lunch pick up only. If you would like to pick up a lunch, please let us know ahead of time by calling 330.752.2766. If you do not have transportation, please call the school and arrange delivery or mailing to your house.


It is our goal to minimize the number of people in the buildings to minimize exposure. We will allow one person from each family to pick up packet materials and lunches. This will be strictly enforced. Any completed assignments should be dropped off during pick up. If you have been completing your work online and plan on continuing, you are not required to come to campus for packet pick up/ drop off unless you are picking up a lunch.


For questions, please call the school at 330.752.2766 or connect with your scholar's teacher directly.


As always, continue to practice social distancing and stay healthy. We miss and love you all!