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Dreaming of a Brighter Future: JRP Scholar Gets His Wish as School Grows to Offer 7-9th Grade

Handwritten letter from JRP student Last school year, one PLA scholar came on Phalen's radar for his advocacy in growing James and Rosemary Phalen Leadership Academy (JRP) from a middle school into a high school. Today, PLA is proud to announce that the scholars’ wish has come true. This year JRP, on Indy’s Far Eastside, is offering 9th grade.

“My name is Kevin Reynolds,” said the student in a handwritten letter encouraging JRP’s growth.  “JRPLA is a phenomenal school. I should know…. Let me tell you a story.... At the beginning of the school year I went to a nightmare [school name deleted] …. It was almost like an apocalyptic battlefield... unlike here. At JRPLA there are already amazing students, so imagine a school full of them.”

A school full of amazing scholars is what we all hope. Congratulations to JRP scholars, teachers and parents for being a part of expanding a great and safe learning environment for Indy scholars.

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