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PLA@103 Teacher Feature: Ms. Hill!

PLA@103 Teachers nominate a colleague who is working to make a difference for scholars. Congratulations Ms. Hill! 



"She is...... (H)umble (I)nspiring (L)oving (L)iving!

Ms.Hill has displayed such humbleness over the 3 years I’ve worked with her. She’s been such an inspiration to those around her. She loves her scholars wholeheartedly and she will travel and live her best life without a doubt. She’s such a great team player I am glad she took the chance and believed in herself to be a classroom teacher! She has handled being a teacher with such great excellence, poise, and a can-do attitude! Her engagement with scholars from Kinder through Sixth is incredible. I am glad to be alongside of her this school year, because in 211 it’s GRIND TIME!!"

-Miss Swanson


A photo of Ms. Hill working with a PLA scholar