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PLA University Zoom

Are you looking for a new or better career? 💵 Are you an 18-65-year-old adult who wants to 📚 learn more so you can 💲 earn more?

If you answered yes and are a family member of a current PLA scholar, then PLA University is your answer! The best part is that the total cost is 0️⃣ ZERO; it is completely 🤯 FREE!

Join ⭐ Dakota Harrison, Timea Jones, and Kristi Williamson via 💻 Zoom on 🔴 December 12th at 1️⃣ 11 am CT/12 pm EST OR 2️⃣ 6 pm CT/7 pm EST for a LIVE presentation followed by a Q&A session to learn about the benefits of PLA University for our 🌟 Alabama families! Just click the link for the session you want to attend! 🕚 11 am CT 👉🏿 OR 🕕 6 pm 👉🏿 We can’t wait to see you there!

PLA University