Welcome PLA@93!

  • At PLA 93, we are a Project: RESTORE school! We provide a rigorous, quality education for the students in our community. Our data driven program will build our students’ character and educational foundation for future success, through relentless high expectations and continuous recognition of growth. Project: RESTORE—Reshaping an Entire School by Taking Ownership of a Rigorous Education. 

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Pla Network Is to Provide All Scholars with High Quality Education That They Deserve. Ensure All Scholars Meet High Academic/Social Standards, and Thrive As Leaders at Home, in Their Communities, and in the World. 

    Vision Statement

    All Scholars in Low Income Communities Attend High Quality Schools That Enable Them to Be Critical Thinkers, Have Strong College and Career Opportunities, Secure Economic Advancements, and Who They Will Become As Adults.




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