• PLA Elkhart 3

  • Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA) is a transformative leader in education. We work to create great district schools, innovation schools, and public charter schools. PLA provides customized support and tools to improve classroom instruction, maximize student learning, increase teacher retention, and achieve long-term academic improvement.

    • PLA is a nonprofit network of high-quality elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.
    • PLA serves nearly 10,000 scholars in 21 schools across the country.
    • We raise achievement for students in historically underserved communities by providing rigorous, personalized, and well-rounded educational experiences to meet the unique needs of each scholar.
    • PLA has transformed seven F-rated schools into A-rated schools.
    • PLA is the largest black founded and led school turnaround operator in the country.
    • Our schools and our families are supported through wrap-around services such as: free summer programming, free in-school tutoring, free job training programs and support in getting scholars to and through college.

    PLA was contacted by Elkhart community members to partner on improving the education experience for Elkhart students. Our goal is to partner with the Elkhart community to support an amazing educational experience for Elkhart families and scholars. We will work with the staff to provide the resources and support needed to encourage student achievement and community growth.

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