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Jones-Clark and Smith Middle School Gain New Resources Under Phalen Leadership Academies

The first day of school is near! With the help of Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA), Mae Jones-Clark Elementary School and Willie Ray Smith Middle School will receive an infusion of technology and resources that support teacher development, scholar learning and overall student growth.

 In its first year with Beaumont Schools, PLA has secured grant funding to enhance technology and academic resources.  Scholars and staff at Smith-Middle School and Jones-Clark Elementary School will receive over 200 laptops or chrome books for scholars programmed with adaptive learning technology; iPads for teachers to use in honing and sharpening their skills; as well as supplemental educational resources to elevate the schools efforts in improving overall climate, culture and student achievement. The increase in scholar access to computers gives teachers and scholars the advantage of using tools that track and support learning gains.

“Our goal is to give our scholars and our teachers strong and effective resources,” said PLA Founder and CEO, Earl Martin Phalen. “These resources help prepare our teachers to teach and our scholars to excel at higher levels. We have wonderful staff in place as well as wonderful families to serve. We are just focused on bringing in what our schools and scholars may need to gain higher levels of support. What we offer this year will provide greater exposure to technology and an intense focus on scholar readiness--not just for testing, but for the world.”  

Research shows that increasing technology in schools helps to boost scholars’ 21st century skills. Other positive benefits associated with increased technology include more student-centered and project-based instruction; greater student engagement; and better relationships between students and teachers. Teachers will use a balance of textbooks and these supplemental tools to support scholar success.

“We are really thrilled to be able to offer these additional learning supports for our schools,” added PLA Regional Director, Alain Frankiewicz. “At PLA, we are all about putting children first and using every resource that we can to help our scholars and our staff achieve. This is just one of many steps that we are taking this year to improve the education, rigor and level of support in our schools. It is going to be an amazing school year.” 

Both Jones-Clark Elementary School and Smith Middle School scholars return on Wednesday, August 14th.