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#CommunityStrong PLA Thanks Charter School Growth Fund for Providing Relief to Texas Families

At Phalen Leadership Academies, it takes a village to create strong schools and work every day to improve the lives of children through education. Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) has been a consistent partner in our efforts, and we are extremely grateful. 

The “arctic” storm that hit Texas this past February took our families, teachers, and scholars by surprise causing massive damage and loss across the Beaumont Community. CSFG generously donated over $20,000 to 70 PLA Texas families working to restore their homes and lives.

“We are always extremely moved and thankful for the support of our donors,” said Earl Martin Phalen, founder and CEO of Phalen Leadership Academies. “They are always there to answer the call. They do whatever they can to help our scholars thrive and flourish. Our support for our scholars often extends to our families. This is a great example of how community partners wrap their arms around our mission and help to make PLA strong.”

With CSGF’s support, PLA staff and scholar families were able to replace food, clothes, and appliances, as well as pay for utilities. Many utilized the funds to make repairs after burst pipes caused structural damage to their homes.

Thank you CSGF for ensuring that PLA and our families are #CommunityStrong.

About the Charter School Growth Fund: The CSGF identifies the country’s best public charter schools, funds their growth, and helps to increase their impact. To date, the CSGF has funded 1,075 schools that serve nearly 500,000 students in 31 states.


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