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PLA University Goes Virtual. First Classes Start May 24th

PLA University is excited to announce the launch of our fully virtual program. We will now be able to give students who can't commit to an in-person program the opportunity to achieve their career goals online. 

We have partnered with an online training provider that aligns perfectly with our career tracks- health and life sciences, information technology, advanced manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, and entrepreneurship- to provide our students with high-quality, free job training from the comfort of home. 

Enrollment for the virtual program is now open and our first virtual classes kick off May 24th. Enrollment will be limited to 100 students for the first year until we can secure additional funding.

While our in-person programs in Indianapolis and Fort Worth are open to all members of the community, PLA University’s virtual option will be limited to Phalen Leadership Academies’ scholars or family members of scholars only. Virtual students will still receive the same support services as our in-person students, including:

  • Counselor/Career Advisor for Every Student
  • Peer-to-Peer Support Program 
  • Career and Alumni Services
  • On-going Staff Support  
  • Tutors 
  • Internships  
  • Job Placement Support

Interested in applying to our virtual program? Reserve a spot and apply today.

Not a part of the PLA school family? K-12 enrollment is now open at locations across the country. Find a PLA school near you and enroll today.

PLA University goes virtual. Get free job training and job placement support.