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GVPLA is Back-to-School on Thursday, August 17th

📚🎒 Gearing Up for a Fantastic Year Ahead! 🎉🏫 Attention GVPLA families and scholars: Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 17th – it's back-to-school time! 📅 Get ready to embrace the new year with enthusiasm and determination. 🌟 🗓️ Date: August 17th 🏢 Location: GVPLA 📝 Prepare for Success: Gear up for the Year Ahead! We are thrilled to welcome you back and witness the amazing achievements you'll accomplish this year. Let's make it one for the books! 🎓🌟 #GVPLA #BackToSchool #NewSchoolYear #EducationMatters #StudentSuccess