Support and Resources for Scholar Families

  • At Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy (PLA Virtual),  we Empower. Accelerate. Achieve. by providing a high-quality, academic platform for families who are more comfortable with learning at home than returning to a traditional school environment, while still offering strong social and emotional support. 

    PLA Virtual strives to create a strong and uplifting school culture with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and encouragement. Our model has several elements that create a culture where children can thrive. To ensure retention and success in the online environment, we offer multiple resources, tools, training, and support for scholars, teachers, and parents. 

    A key part of our schools’ educational focus is preparing children for college starting at an early age. We work to provide scholars with customized campus visits, that include opportunities to talk to admission officers, students, and professors from various disciplines. 

    PLA Virtual will also provide additional targeted services that will help ensure that the needs of all students are met.

    • School-based mental health and wellness programs to provide services to scholar families
    • Partner with strong community-based programs to provide families access to several critical support services, including job readiness workshops, basic office skills training, access to continuing education, financial literacy workshops, and college planning.

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PLA Virtual Leadership Academy