Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy
  • #1 virtual school for math AND

    #3 for ELA on ILEARN 2020-21!

  • Rigorous & Evidence-Based Curriculum Phalen Virtual Leadership Academy (PLA Virtual) utilizes evidence-based curricula to empower scholars to perform beyond the required expectations of their grade level in the main subject areas of literacy and math. The PLA instructional model was designed by highly successful educators who have decades of experience working with and improving the performance of grades and optimizing scholar achievement. Whether your scholar is an advanced learner ready to accelerate or needs more support with academic growth, PLA Virtual dynamic learning programs will enable scholars to master academic concepts at their own pace. Teachers will also facilitate small-group rotations across virtual classrooms, creating a uniquely rigorous and personalized learning experience for every scholar. With strong educators, evidence-based curriculum and instructional strategies, as well as on-going use of data to support scholars, your PLA Virtual scholar will accelerate and achieve academic success.
  • High-Quality, Effective Teachers Building a culture of excellence, acceptance, positive behavior and growth is just as important as a rigorous curriculum. Our teachers have a structured process for ensuring a positive, strong, and loving culture exists for our scholars while providing real-time, personalized instruction to each scholar. Our teachers are passionate about our mission to help every scholar fulfill their tremendous innate potential. We implement regular assessments while maximizing the time that scholars can spend in small-group and one-to-one instruction with effective teachers. PLA Virtual teachers connect regularly with our scholars and parents to listen, gauge our scholars’ well-being, and ensure that 100% of our scholars feel supported.
  • Enrichment Experiences We believe children learn best when they are engaged and they make connections between school, their communities and their futures. It is important to cultivate well-rounded, highly engaged scholars so that they will be successful in the 21st century workforce and in the world. PLA Virtual scholars will engage in a variety of enrichment courses to support scholar creativity, exploration, and college and career readiness. Art, drama, music, STEM, physical fitness, inspirational guest speakers, and field trips to college campuses, professional workplaces, museums, and cultural landmarks are among the exciting program activities available.
  • Social & Emotional Development It’s equally important to ensure the social-emotional development and health of our scholars. Our educators connect with scholars one-on-one and offer regular progress feedback that guide students to reflect on their own continuous improvement and willingness to take on greater challenges, empowering students to learn from their growth process. Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in school clubs, activities and athletics at local PLA campuses. We also realize that incredible potential is unlocked when parents engage in scholar education. We partner with our parents to support the success of their scholars. Our parents will be invited to sit in classes, participate in field trips, support scholar-led community service projects, or participate in any way that they feel comfortable. We believe regular communication and engagement of parents develops a culture that promotes a positive academic environment and reinforces intellectual and social development.
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