A Focus on Educational Excellence...

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     The PLA educational model utilizes best practices in data-driven instruction and differentiated learning to deliver instruction in core subjects, creating a uniquely rigorous and personalized learning experience for every child. Children who are behind academically receive the daily, personalized attention that they need to accelerate their progress towards proficiency. This data-driven model, utilizing rigorous curricula and small-group and one-to-one intervention, has been the core engine for raising the academic achievement of our scholars. A wide range of learning opportunities help scholars explore their interests, reinforce core subject skills in hands-on projects, increase awareness of possible career paths, and see the relevance of their learning to their lives. This may include hands-on enrichment courses in the arts, STEM, culture & citizenship, and cultural history, supplemented with out-of-class opportunities that build excitement for college and careers.


    Our ultimate vision is that our scholars master key academic skills, and demonstrate strong character, as exhibited by: honesty, service to others, a superior work ethic, and a strong vision for and belief in their futures. We believe that with the right education, all children can ​fulfill their ​tremendous ​innate potential​.

Career Pathways

  • Set your scholar on the path to success! Our high school scholars have the opportunity to participate in our Career Technical Education (CTE) program. This program provides our scholars hands-on training and certifications that prepare them for careers in high-demand fields with competitive salaries immediately following graduation.

College Scholarships


    Regional Director at George & Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy

    Executive Director Nicole Fama


    • Greeting and welcome to JRPLA! I am filled with joy and anticipation about the continued progress, social and emotional growth, and academic success of our amazing scholars. Our core value, "Children First," embodies our commitment to nurturing the whole child and creating a supportive learning environment. I am honored to serve as your Principal and continue our journey towards excellence. 

      -Principal Nicole Fama


      High School Assistant Principal Troy Lane


      JRPLA Families and Community,

      I couldn't be happier to work as a part of the Phalen Leadership Academies team and serve the scholars, families, and community of the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. The scholars here at JRPLA are the most loyal, compassionate, and resourceful young adults you will find anywhere in the world. I am proud to say I have been here since the first day of JRPLA and I can't wait to continue to improve on what we have already accomplished in the years to come.
      -Assistant Principal Troy Lane


      Middle School Assistant Principal Ryan Smith


      Welcome to James and Rosemary Phalen Leadership Academy! It is my sincere pleasure and honor to be an administrator of this wonderful organization. JRPLA enjoys a rich history of cultural excellence that is the result of a strong partnership between the school, staff, scholars, parents, and the community. I am honored to provide leadership that will positively impact the staff and support the continued academic, social, and emotional growth of each of our scholars on a daily basis. 


      “Leadership is not about being in charge, it’s about taking care of those in your charge.”  Simon Sinex


      -Assistant Principal Ryan Smith




      Assistant Principal of Climate and Culture William Berry




      It is my honor and privilege to be the assistant principal of climate and culture at James and Rosemary Phalen Leadership Academy, home of the Falcons! We take great pride at JRP in doing everything we can to help every scholar succeed in and outside the classroom. Our success does not happen by chance, our staff make the difference in the building. The staff at JRP is extremely dedicated to building positive relationships with our scholars, parents, and the community. We are focused on providing each scholar with the best educational experience possible as they prepare for their future. Please join us in making sure your childs scholastic experience is meaningful and rewarding by the time they graduate from JRP. 


      -Assistant Principal Mr. William Berry