Graduating Class Pictures

  • Class of 2023

  • Class of 2022

  • Class of 2021

  • Congratulations to the class of 2023 for completing one of the most pivotal accomplishments in a young adult's life, receiving their high school diploma. Class of 2023 was the first class that has been at JRP since 7th grade. They have received 1.7 million dollars in scholarships and have moved on to go to college, enlist in the military, join PLA university, and work in their respective workforce careers. The class of 2023 will definitely be missed in the hallways at JRP as we have seen them grow right in front of our eyes. You will always have a home at JRP. 

  • Congratulations to the class of 202, JRP's first ever graduation class. This class has been very special to JRP and the community. They came in as our first 8th grade class with not even knowing where they were going to go to high school. They helped go to the charter board and convince them to allow JRP to continue to become a 9-12 high school. As we have grown as a school, they have grown with us. We love you and JRP will always be your home.