• The Higher Institute of Arts & Technology (HIAT) is an A-rated school that works to develop 21st century scholars into innovative college and career-ready world leaders and problem solvers. HIAT uses a comprehensive school wide Arts-Integrated framework, which incorporates experiential learning, technology, humanities and the arts into the school curriculum ensuring that all students, not just gifted or talented students, have the opportunity to express themselves creatively with arts and technology built into their general education.


    According to the Kennedy Center, Arts-Integration is an approach to teaching and the vehicle for learning. Students meet dual learning objectives when they engage in the creative process to explore connections between art forms and other subject areas to gain greater understanding.

    HIAT students will flourish in an active hands-on technology-rich learning environment where they are required to solve real-world problems and challenge one another's thinking using a Socratic method of inquiry and questioning called experiential learning. This will equip students with an educational foundation that fosters academic success, encourages the pursuit of excellence in advanced education, creates contributing members of the society and ultimately produces innovative world problem solvers.

    HIAT provides a learning environment with positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) that create a culturally responsive school climate and classroom community where students can strengthen cultural awareness by practicing the pillars of Character Education: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

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