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    Staff and students have to complete a health screening form daily by 7:30am.



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  • Reopening schools safely for our teachers, scholars, and families for the new school year is our top priority. We have a strong commitment to our families and community to continue to improve the lives of children through quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. 

    Our school reopening plans have been developed using state and national health guidance. The goal of our plan is to provide clear policies and protocols to reopen safely. As with every COVID response plan right now, this information is fluid and will change as necessary based on guidance from the state, Center for Disease Control (CDC), and considerations to our families and our staff. 

    Please see our family Q&A below:


    1. What are you doing in the school building to prevent the spread of germs?

School Protocols

Hope Community PCS COVID Network Safety Guidelines
  • Each day we will take the temperature of scholars, employees, and vendors who enter our school building. If a child is sneezing or coughing, he or she may be excluded to minimize the spread of bodily fluids, even if the person is not exhibiting signs of COVID-19. If a student is obviously ill, we may make additional inquiries and may exclude the person from school property.

    Siblings or Other Students in the Household

    If a scholar is excluded from school due to COVID-19 symptoms or has had a positive COVID-19 test, his or her siblings or other scholars living in the same household exhibit symptoms, they will also be excluded from school. If they do not exhibit symptoms, they may still be excluded from school and asked to self-quarantine.


    2. Will teachers wear masks?

    Yes, all staff will wear provided face masks and/or shields matching CDC requirements for the highest level of protection and prevention. Staff members must also pass a temperature screening before entering the building. Staff members may only remove masks while eating. 


    3. Will scholars wear masks?

    Yes, scholars will also be required to wear face masks and pass a temperature check before entering the building. Scholars are only allowed to remove masks while eating.


    4. What do I do if I think my scholar is sick?

    We recommend that parents take their scholar's temperature prior to coming to school and verify that the student has not exhibited any COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, scholars will have their temperature checked before entering the school building and attending class.

    Scholars and employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without other obvious explanations are prohibited from coming to school, and if they do come to school, they will be sent home immediately. Scholars and families should be familiar with the symptoms of COVID-19 based on CDC Guidance:

Know the Symptoms

Hope Community PCS COVID Know the Symptoms
  • 5. What do staff do if they feel sick?

    If an employee calls in sick or appears ill, we will inquire as to whether the employee is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without other obvious explanations are prohibited from coming to school, and if they do come to school, they will be sent home immediately.


    6. What safety protocols will be in place to help protect my scholar?

    We will ensure clean schools, including the regular cleaning of objects and areas that are frequently used, such as bathrooms, conference rooms, door handles, and railings. E-Mist Infection Control System will sanitize after every class and at the end of each day.

    Water fountains will be closed and scholars will be allowed to bring labeled water bottles. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed in areas where soap and water are not readily available, and modifying common areas in our buildings to increase the ability for physical distancing. Masks will be worn by all staff and scholars.

    All parent visits will be virtual this year. If parents do need to stop by the building, they will be restricted to the front office area. All instructional visitors, contractors, etc. must complete a health form, have temperatures taken and wear a mask for the entirety of the visit.


    7. What kind of training are teachers getting on possible positive cases?

    Employees are required by the school to participate in various health and safety trainings in an effort to mitigate the risk of spreading an infectious disease. Training will be issued throughout the year given the fluid nature of the pandemic.


    8. What support is available if I have questions or need assistance?

    Parents with questions or concerns about our reopening plans are encouraged to reach out to the school. You can reach us by phone at 202.832.7370 or by email at PLA also has a help center available to parents in need of technical support. Parents can contact our help team at 888.655.0777 or they can email


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