• Hope Tolson Campus has a uniform policy. The uniform policy will be strictly enforced. Scholars are expected to come to school everyday dressed in accordance with the uniform policy.

    The first time a student arrives to school out of uniform, the school will provide the appropriate uniform to that student for the day and the borrowed uniform must be returned back to the school the following day. Repeated infractions will require a parent to bring the student a complete uniform before the student is permitted to class.

    There are days that the uniform policy is relaxed; when those days arise, you will be notified in writing. The school reserves the right to change the dress code as needed; parents will be notified.

  • All scholars are required to have at least one gold logo uniform shirt to be worn on field trips.


Please Adhere to the Following..

    • No earrings larger than a quarter;
    • No makeup;
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times;
    • No bandanas or night scarves. Head wraps due to religious purposes are allowed;
    • No slides or flip-flops are permitted;
    • Jeans are only allowed on designated dress down days;
    • No "sweat-pants" are allowed;
    • No outer-wear allowed.


    Risse Brothers Logo Uniform materials may be purchased from Risse Brothers
    School Code: HT1477 (301) 220-1985
    9700 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway
    Suite B
    Lanham, MD 20706