• Main Preparatory Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving extraordinary families in Akron, Ohio. Our dedicated staff and school leaders work to create a unique and personalized learning experience for scholars in grades K-5.

    At Main Preparatory Academy we are creating world class scholars who will Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow, and Serve in the Future. We believe that our children deserve a loving, bright, and safe learning environment.

    Our Staff 

    The Main Preparatory Academy Staff is also dedicated to creating positive outlooks for each scholar’s personal and academic goals. We strive to build a strong rapport with each scholar to allow them to feel safe in the classroom to take learning risks. With small classroom sizes, we have the ability to work one-on-one with each scholar throughout the day!

    To learn more, stop in and take a tour at Main Preparatory Academy!

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  • Principal Eafford


    Principal Stephanie Eefford



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