Main Preparatory Academy Scholars


  • At Main Preparatory Academy, our goal is to provide an academic experience that exceeds all other school offerings. Main Preparatory Academy currently utilizes curriculum that is rich in current common core standards and expectations for all of our scholars. Our teachers have been extensively trained in their curriculum areas, as well as in common core. The Main Preparatory Academy staff not only partake in District professional development, but also school level trainings as they pertain to our program.

    Main Preparatory Academy is known for its focus on PBL- Project Based Learning. This is critical in a child's world as we teach them how to problem solve and develop critical thinking skills, all while learning to use and incorporate technology. The focus of PBL allows for each child to be provided with an individual learning experience that is tailored to their learning needs.

    We believe in hands-on, interdisciplinary learning methods. Our leaders and teachers have experienced this firsthand in public, private and charter school environments. Most schools and teachers have also witnessed the benefits of hands-on learning through individual and group projects, and know the value of engaging, challenging projects and interdisciplinary activities that enrich classroom instruction and curriculum.