Phalen Leadership Academies at Main Prep

Dear Parents,

  • Main Preparatory Academy is a tuition-free public charter school. We work to offer Akron parents and scholars an excellent option for education. Because of our ability to focus on individual scholar needs, our parents lovingly remark that Main Preparatory Academy has a ‘private school feel’ without the tuition. Our curriculum allows for small group learning to take place allowing the teacher to focus on the needs of the individual child. We place a high emphasis on parent involvement and require parent participation. Our parents are our strongest allies in helping our scholars learn today so that they can lead tomorrow.

    We believe that our children deserve a bright, healthy learning environment where they are accepted for who they are. We teach children by emphasizing their strengths so they can develop their weaknesses. Thus, internalizing what it is that they need to define and meet their own idea of success.

    We offer a variety of programs and services to assist our scholars and families:

    • No Cost Meal Plans
    • Free Transportation for scholars within a 2-mile radius
    • Free Latchkey Before and After School Care
    • Full-time On-site Social Worker 
    • Partnership with Phalen Leadership Academies


eLearning Guide

Free Transportation Request

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